Name & Surname        Spasojevic Nenad

Date of birth        23.03.1967

Place of birth        Kruševac, Serbia

Tel        +381 63 8108889 mob;+38137352936 home

E- mail;

Speak        English

Education        -University for Agricultural Science, Belgrade,
-High Basketball School University of  Novi     Sad. I have red licence Basketball Asociation Serbia. I have FIBA Coach licence.

Sport career

Playing period

1982 – 1988        OKK”Napredak”- Kruševac

Professional coaching period

1988 – 1993        Napredak  Junior team & First senior ass. coach

1993 – 1998        BC”Bagdala” -Head team coach

1998 – 2000        First coach for region five of Yugoslavian
U 16 basketball selection

2000 –2001        Head coach for region five of all Yugoslavian Youth basketball selections
2001- 2002        BC “Kazma Kuwait”- Junior team 2nd place National Cup

2002- 2003        OKK”Napredak-Rubin”- Krusevac,  First coach ass. & junior team head coach

2003-2005        OKK”Krusevac”- Krusevac, junior team- head coach

2005-2006        OKK”Krusevac”- Krusevac, senior team head coach.

2005-2006        OKK”Napredak-Rubin”- Krusevac, first coach ass.(Sinalco league)

2006-2007        OKK”Napredak-Rubin”- Krusevac, head coach (Sinalco league)

2007-2008        OKK”Napredak-Rubin”- Krusevac, head coach ( Swisslion league)
2008-2009        OKK”Napredak-Rubin”- Krusevac, first coach ass, from January head coach
2009-2010        OKK”Krusevac”-Krusevac, head coach and head coach for Youth basketball selections this club
2010-2011        OKK”Napredak-Rubin”- Krusevac, first coach ass. and head coach for Youth basketball selections this club
2011-2013        OKK”Krusevac”-Krusevac, head coach and head coach for Youth basketball selections this club. 2012- first place U 18 in the Central Serbia, Serbia Championships and third place U16 in the Central Serbia, Serbia Championships.
2013-2014        OKK”Krusevac”-Krusevac, head coach and head coach for Youth basketball selections this club.
2014        From January head coach in BC Al Shabab – Tripoli, Libya – 3. place in National championship and semifinal Cup of Libya
2014-2015        Head Coach National team of Libya- from October 2014 untill March 2015.

From the period of 1998 – 2001 member of all Yugoslavian basketball clinics for Youth players.
Member of coach’s team for world basketball championship players born 1982 in Manheim Germany 1st place.
Member of coach’s team for under 16 European championship in Riga 2001 1st place.
If you want to know more about me, you and your staff can call assistant coach NBA team Detroit Pistons and ass. coach Serbian national team- Igor Kokoskov, now  Georgia’s national team head coach. Igor and I worked together with the Yugoslavian basketball junior national team. Player who I coached played in Hemofarm-Vrsac- Andrija Ciric- played in Assasoft-Romania. Many players who I coached played across Europe in good teams. Vladimir Lisinac-Calpoly University .In Serbia first league I coached Cedomir Vitkovac  played in Partizan-Belgrade, now in Buducnost-Podgorica. Bojan Jovanovic play in Greece. Dragan Markovic who played in Partizan- champion of  the Serbia, Poland, Belgium,  Dragan Milosavljević playing in Partizan-Belgrade and Serbian national team, and many other players who play on less know leagues. I worked at a basketball camp at the American Rabat scool in Rabat – Marocco, YUBAC international basketball camp, KASTA international basketball camp – Serbia and many other camps in Serbia and abroad.